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In a field of dandelions...

....are where my dreams rest

11 April 1988
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Yea...this is in dire need of being updated. For anyone who care, hello! This is Lydia telling you a little bit about me (although most people who read this already know me. I don't friend strangers). I go to an Art School thankfully outside of the horrible state of Florida. I'm majoring in Illustration and minoring in Printmaking.

My aspiration: To write and illustrate children's books and be able to live off it! (Yea, right) I also plan to get into making my own t-shirts. I've got some cool ideas. I'll probably start advertising them here once I get that ball rolling.

Hobbies: I draw. A lot. So much that I'm sure if I bothered to keep up with my devart account it would have quite the gallery. I also like to knit and alter clothes to make new stuff. (Anyone want a tee purse?)

L's Expressions are nothing but love.